BAALSTAD, Ingebrict O.

WI 15th Inf Co I. Residence: Primrose, Dane County, Wisconsin. Civil War: Age 18. Unmarried. Enlisted for three years on 22 Oct 1861 at Camp Randall, Madison, Wisconsin, and mustered there on 9 Jan 1862. Private. On home leave to Primrose, 11 May 1862. Sick in hospital in Madison, 11 May 1862 and 6 Jun 1863. Absent without leave on 11 Jun 1863. Was with Bridge’s Battery in November 1863. Was in the 6th Ohio Battery in February 1864. Was a wagoner in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on 17 Oct 1864. Mustered out with Company I on 10 Feb 1865 at Chattanooga. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-11; red book vol 20, p128) (Buslett p586) (Ulvestad p270, p272) (Ager p314) “Bolstad, Ingebret” “Volstad, Ingebret O”