Residence: Chicago, Illinois. Born 26 Jun 1844 in Vestre Toten, Oppland, Norway, a son of Even Olson and Martha Johnson Bjerke. Came to the US in 1864. Civil War: Enrolled in Quartermaster Corps. Is said to have been at the funeral in Springfield, Illinois, of President Lincoln, in May 1865. Post war: He moved to Houston County, Minnesota, in 1866. A year or two later, he moved to Elk Lake Township, Section 22, Grant County, Minnesota. In 1872, he married Anna Lee [15 Nov 1848-2 Oct 1929], who had come to America in 1857 with her parents. Eleven children. Even died 14 Jan 1931. Sources: (E-mail from Dolores Lee Barron, Minnetonka, Minnesota; (“History of Douglas and Grant Counties, Minnesota”, by Constant Larson, publ 1916, B.F.Bowen & Co, Indianapolis.)