U.S. Navy. Born 19 Jan 1844 on one of the Lofoten Islands, Norway. Came to America at age 19. Civil War: Sailor. Enlisted in the US Navy and served on the Mississippi River for about a year. Post war: Settled in Granite Falls, Minnesota. Married Bergitha Anderson of Chicago in 1869. Five children. In 1907, he was U. S. Consul in Oslo. He died in 1912. Sources: (“History of the Scandinavians in the United States”, by O. N. Nelson. Publ. Minneapolis, 1893. p347) (Ulvestad p272) (Rygg p53) (“The Norseman”, publ. by Nordmanns Forbundet, Oslo, Norway, vol 45 No. 1, p12) “Bordewick, Henry”.