DAHLE, Oliver

TX Hv Arty 1st Reg Co B. CSA. Born 1830-1835 in Norway. Civil War: Enlisted for the war at Galveston, Texas, on 22 May 1862. Private. Detached to a shell bank on the Sabine River during Nov and Dec 1862; then on board the steamer Josiah H. Bell, in Galveston Bay, during Jan and Feb 1863. He was on board the steamer Diana from 8 Oct 1863 until sometime in Dec 1863. The Diana was a tender for gunboats in Galveston Bay. During Jan and Feb 1864, he had extra duty in an enginedering departent. He served in a Harbour Police unit from 27 Dec 1864 to the spring of 1865. He was paroled at Galveston on 7 Jul 1865. Post war: Was alive in 1880. Sources: (www.borgerkrigen.info)