MO 8th Inf Co C. Residence: La Crosse County, Wisconsin. Born “John Emerson Kvisselstuen” on 31 Jan 1837 in Ringsaker, Norway, a son of Lars Kvisselstuen (1806-1859) and Peniel ? (1813-1897). Came to America at age 15. Civil War: Age 24. Farmer. Blue eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’5½”. Enlisted for three years on 19 Sep 1861 at La Crosse, Wisconsin. Bounty $100. Mustered at Paducah, Kentucky. Private. His unit is said to have been the first equipped with the new Springfield rifles. Promoted to Corporal, 27 Feb 1863. Transferred to Company K, this regiment, on 16 Jun 1864 and on to Company A, this regiment, on 14 Aug 1864 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Discharged on 18 Sep 1864 at East Point Station, Georgia. Post war: Married Anna Johnson. They lived at North Bend, Jackson County, Wisconsin. Seven children. Sources: (granddaughter Florence Heineck Spors, Onalaska, Wisconsin; photo) “Emerson, John”