MN Lt Arty 3rd Battery. Residence: Grand Meadow, Mower County, Minnesota. Born 7 Jan 1824 at Sondre Aurdal, Valders, Oppland, Norway, son of Ole Olsen Præstegaard and Ingri Mikkelsdatter Sørlie. He came to America to Dane County, Wisconsin, in 1857, then returned to Norway. He came again on “Augusta” which sailed from Bergen and arrived in New York on 29 Jun 1848. He came again to Dane County. Moved in 1854 to Frankford Townshiip, Mower County. He married on 14 Jan 1856 to Kari Syversdatter Klemetsrud (1833-1913). Eight children. Civil War: Age 41. Enrolled 17 Feb 1865. Mustered the same day. Private. Discharged from the service with the battery, 27 Feb 1866. Post war: In 1872, he was a member of the Minnesota legislature. Died at Grand Meadow, Minnesota, 28 Jan 1898. Sources: (MINN p801) (MCIW p678) (Ulvestad p280) (Naeseth ’48-172) “Finhert, Ole”