Residence: Goodhue County, Minnesota. From Holden, Norway. Born 15 Jul 1820 in Holla, Telemark, son of Ole Olsen Huset and Anne Halvorsdatter Jøntvet. He was married on 25 Aug 1842 to Kirsten Maria Stenstadvalen. He and his wife came to America on the “Salvator”, out of Porsgrunn, Telemark, arriving in New York 6 Jul 1844. They came to Dunkirk, Dane County, Wisconsin, and later moved to Holden Township, Goodhue County. Minnesota. Civil War: Private. Died of illness at Memphis, Tennessee, in June 1863. Sources: (Ulvestad p293) (Naeseth ’44-348) “Huset, Ole Olsen”