KASTERUD, Johannes Pedersen

WI 25th Inf Co K. Residence: Coon Valley, Bad Ax County, Wisconsin. Born in Biri, Norway in 1837, a son of Peder Olsen and Mathea Antonette Taraldsrud. In 1851 Peder and Mathea sold Taraldsrud and bought Kastrud in Fåberg. Johannes came to America in 1860 and settled in Coon Valley in Klomstendalen. He was a brother to Iver and Ole Kasterud. Civil War: Private. Came to K Company on 10 Nov 1864. Served three years in the Army. Discharged in 1865. Post war: Lived at Ettrick, Wisconsin. Married in 1866 to Agnette Lindahl of Coon Valley. Five children. The family moved from Coon Valley to Ettrick, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin in 1875. Johannes died in 1914. Agnette died in 1908. Both are buried in Ettrick churchyard, Ettrick, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p300) (Oudenstad p159) (“Coon Valley”, publ 1928 by Upper Coon Valley Norwegian Lutheran Church, Coon Valley, WI) “Taraldsrud, Johannes” “Kastrud, John”