WI 34th Inf Co B. Residence: Highland, Iowa County, Wisconsin. Civil War: Age 23. Unmarried. Drafted at Highland on 10 Nov 1862. Actually, his brother Nils Knudson Hagaset was the draftee, and Andrew who had just arrived from Norway offered to be enrolled in place of Nils. Andrew was enrolled in drafted militia for a term of nine months on 21 Nov 1862 at Madison, Wisconsin. Mustered there on 2 Dec 1862. Private. Died of fever at Memphis, Tennessee, on 30 May 1863. Buried in the cemetery at Memphis; remains later removed. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 155-2, 155-3; red book vol 39) (Love p1113) (Letter, Grand nephew Maurice Ranum, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin) “Knudson, Anderson” “Hagaset, Andrew Knudsen” “Knudson, Anders”