LEE, Halvor A.

WI 15th Inf Co D. Residence: Mt. Horeb, Dane County, Wisconsin. Born “Halvor Aslaksen Lie” on 22 Oct 1842 at Nord-Aurland, Oppland, Norway, son of Aslak Olsen Lie and Marit Knudsdatter Dølve. Civil War: Age 20. Unmarried. Enlisted for three years on 14 Jan 1862 at Mt. Horeb, and mustered at Madison, Wisconsin, 27 Jan 1862. Private. Promoted to Corporal on 1 Dec 1862. Became unfit for service and was discharged at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on 2 Mar 1863. Post war: Lived at Springdale, Wisconsin. Married to Isabell (Ingeborg?) Olsdatter Hagene; nine children. They lived at Modena, Buffalo County, Wisconsin. Later, lived at Alma, Trempeauleau County, Wisconsin; still later in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Died June 1932. Halvor was a brother of soldier Ole A. Lee, who was killed at Stone’s River. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 boxes 76-6, 78-3; red book vol 20 p56) (Buslett p451) (Ulvestad p264, 306) (Ager p276, photo; p301) (Naeseth ’48-155)