LEE, Ole A.

WI 15th Inf Co D. Residence: Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Born “Ole Aslaksen Lie” on 23 Jun 1845 at Nord-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway, son of Aslak Olsen Lie and Marit Knudsdatter Dølve. Civil War: Unmarried. Age 17. Enlisted for three years on 18 Feb 1862 at Mt. Horeb, and mustered at Madison, Wisconsin, the next day. Private. Killed in the battle of Stone’s River at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 31 Dec 1862. Brother of soldier Halvor A. Lee. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 boxes 76-6, 77-8, 78-3; red book vol 20 p62) (Buslett p451) (Ulvestad p306) (Ager p191, photo; p301) (Quiner p 621) (Naeseth ’48-156) “Lie, Ole”