LEM, Lewis H.

IL 62nd Inf. Residence: Neoge, Cumberland County, Illinois. Born 10 Jan 1845 in Lordalsoren, Bergens Stift, Norway. Civil War: Age 18. Farmer. Blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 5’11¾”. Enlisted for three years on 15 Dec 1863 in Danville, Illinois. Private. Post war: Married on 21 May 1866 near Aetna, Illinois, to Sarah Jane Hyatt. Four children. In 1915, he was living at Walsenburg, Colorado. Sources: (Enlistment paper and federal pension form, copies provided by his descendant, George E. Lem, Houston, Texas) “Lem, Louis H” “Lem, Ludvig Hennigsen”