WI 15th Inf Co F. Residence: Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Civil War: Unmarried. Age 25. Enlisted for three years on 20 Oct 1861 at Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and mustered at Madison, Wisconsin, on 12 Dec 1861. Private. Left behind sick in hospital at Bardstown, Kentucky, 6 Oct 1862. Discharged from the service at Benton Barracks, St. Louis, 15 Jan 1863, in order to enlist in Company C of the Cavalry Battalion, Mississippi Naval Brigade. On 15 Dec 1864, Company F Captain Gustaveson wrote that Mickelson had been absent from his company for “over two years”, “is said to have been “transferred to a Marine Brigade”, but that “no official information being received is now dropped as a deserter”. War department records show he had been discharged from the service from the 15th on 15 Jan 1863 at Benton Barracks, Missouri, to allow him to enlist in Company E of the Navy Battalion of the Mississippi Marine Brigade. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 boxes 76-8, 77-2; red book vol 20 p90) (Buslett p511) (Ager p307) (Meeker) “Mickelson, Thomas Andrew” “Michelson, Andrew”