NYSTOL, Osmund

TX 46th Cav Co E. McCord’s Frontier Cavalry Regiment. CSA. Residence: Bosque County, Texas. Born “Osmund Olsen Nystol” on 8 Nov 1841 at Epletvedt, Amli, Norway. Civil War: A teamster. Blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 5’8”. Enlisted for one year on 7 Mar 1862 at Stephenville, Texas. Reenlisted for three years or the war on 20 Dec 1862 at Camp Salmon. Private. Served in Indian and Civil wars. Member of the Settlers Home Guard during the Indian wars, and in Texas during the Civil war. Was on patrol 21 Aug to Sep 1863. Absent sick 15 Oct 1863 until early the next year. Sometime in the spring of 1864, he deserted. He traveled to San Elizario, Texas, where he contacted Union forces and was taken to Santa Fe, in New Mexico Territory, where, in early July, he took an oath of allegiance to the Union. Post war: He died 19 Jul 1915 in Eureka, Kansas. Sources: (“Norwegian Soldiers in Confederate Forces” by C.A.Clausen & Derwood Johnson, publ. in Norwegian-American Studies, volume 25, Northfield, Minnesota. p1114) (Ulvestad p314) (www.borgerkrigen.info) “Neystol, Osmund” “Neystel, Osman”