OLSON, James Webster

IL 36th Inf Co F. Residence: Aurora, Kane County, Illinois. Born 18 Apr 1839 at Mission, La Salle County, Illinois. He was a brother of Col. Porter Olson and of Soren Olson. They were sons of Ole Olsen Hetletvedt, a Slooper. Civil War: Farmer. Age 23. Unmarried. Blue eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 5’4”. Enlisted for three years on 20 Aug 1861 at Aurora. Mustered there the same day. Private. Discharged from the service as a First Sergeant on 22 Sep 1865, expiration of his term of service. He survived the war, was said to have come home without a scar. Post war: Died 13 Nov 1912. Sources: (ILSA reel 3 p72) (FLOM p59) (Naeseth, vol 1) (Norlie, Olaf Morgan “History of the Norwegian People in America”, publ 1925, p133)