OLSON, Soren Luther

IL 36th Inf Co F. Residence: Newark, Kendall County, Illinois. Born at Niagara, New York. American-born son of Slooper Pioneer Ole Olsen Hetletvedt, and brother of Porter C Olsen, a captain in the Illinois 36th Infantry, and of James Webster Olson. Civil War: Clerk. Age 23. Unmarried. Blue eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 5’6”. Enrolled as a Corporal. Promoted to Sergeant. Became First Sergeant. Commissioned Second Lieutenant. Commanded Company F. Soren Olsen was killed 31 Dec 1862 in the Battle of Stone’s River at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A 12-pound shell struck to his right, killing him and a corporal and wounding three others. Sources: (ILSA reel 3 p 70) (Ulvestad p256) (FLOM p59) (Norlie, Olaf Morgan “History of the Norwegian People in America”, publ 1925, p133)