TX 31st Cav Co ?. CSA. Residence: Brownsboro, Texas. Born “Sven Olsen Bujord” on 12 Sep 1821 in Tovdal, Norway, the son of Ole Aslaksen. Sven married Asborg. The couple, along with Sven’s father, came to America in 1846 in a group let by Johan Reierson. At Alexandria, Louisiana, they could not afford a wagon to haul their possessions, so Sven made a wheelbarrow from a large log. He walked and pushed the wheelbarrow, while his wife, Asborg, walked beside him, carrying their infant child. The child died on the trip. The couple eventually reached Brownsboro. Three daughters were born there. Civil War: Dark blue eyes, red hair, scar above left eye, 5’5”. Enlisted at beginning of the war. Private. Served 18 months. Assigned to Vicksburg. He was at Shiloh. Post war: Sven died 27 Jul 1906, age 84. Asborg died in 1894. Sources: (“The Nelson-Jorgenson Saga”, by Alice Marie Nelson, privately printed 1950.) (www.borgerkrigen.info)