RUSTAD, Mortin

WI 12th Inf Co G. Born “Marten Simonsen Rustad” on 26 Oct 1839 at Nordre Rustaden, in Faaberg, Oppland, Norway. He was the son of Simen Olsen Rustad (b. 5 Mar 1809 on Nordre Rustaden) and Sissel Olsdatter Land (b. 26 Feb 1811 on Land, Faaberg). Simen and Sissel Rustad came to America in 1853, with their three sons and three daughters. Mortin was their youngest son. Civil War: Corporal. Post war: He was married 18 Aug 1867 to P:auline Iversdatter Hole (1846-1934). In 1907, “Morton Rustad” was living in Garfield, Wisconsin. Died 30 Dec 1933. Buried at New Hope Lutheran Cemetery, Iola, Wisconsin. Sources: (“Garder og plasser i Faaberg”, compiled by Tore Haugen, publ. Oplandets Arkiv, Lillehammer, 1993.) (Ulvestad p265) (J. R. Christianson, Decorah IA) (Fåberg of Lillehammer Utvandringe, Fåberg Historielag 1986. Copy at NAHA) (Wisconsin Cemetery Records) (Naeseth-Hedberg ’49-1906) “Rustad, Martin”