US Army. Residence: Brooklyn, New York. Born Knute Fredrik Knudsen Thorpe in Torp, Lista, Norway, a son of Theodore and Ulla Knudsen Thorpe. Came to America to Brooklyn in 1933. Second World War: Served in the 344th Field Artillery Battalion in Germany. Awarded a Silver Star for gallantry in action. Decorated again in Korea. Was in the Army for 26 years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Post war: Earned a BA degree from George Washington University in 1958. Married in 1960 to Ortrud ?. Earned an MA degree in Public Administration from University of Oklahoma in 1976; an MA in International Relations from San Francisco State University in 1978; an MA in Economics from University of Oklahoma in 1979, and a Ph.D in Economics and International Relations from Colombia Pacific University in 1981. Died at age 88 on 16 Nov 2002 at his home in Alexandria, Virginia. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery on 7 Jan 2004. Sources: (Obituary, Norway Times, New York City, 17 Dec 2003, pg 10)