WILSON, George

WI 15th Inf Co B. Residence: Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin. Born in Hamburg, Germany, 18 Dec 1836, of English parents. Grew up in Christiania (Oslo) Norway; lived there from 1849 until 1858. Came to the US in May 1858. Worked as accountant in Madison. Civil War: Age 27. Unmarried. Elected Second Lieutenant of Company B on 12 Nov 1861. Mustered 1 Dec 1861. Commissioned Captain on 20 May 1862 at Mississippi River Island No. 10. Became Captain of WI 15th Inf Co H, 14 May 1862. Assigned to Staff of the 15th on 24 Mar 1863. Promoted to Major of the Regiment on 1 Apr 1863. Was in all the 15th’s 26 battles except Chattanooga, which he missed because of wounds. Severely wounded in battle at Chickamauga, Georgia, 19 Sep 1863, suffering gunshots to his chest and left side, and one which carried away his left thumb. While home on leave in November, 1863, he married Mary Madson. He returned to duty later that year. Sick on 24 Aug 1864. Mustered out 6 Jan 1865. On 25 Feb 1867, he was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel retroactive to 21 Feb 1865. Went to Norway in 1874. Died in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 boxes 76-2,4,10; 78-1; red book vol 20 p2,28,112) (Buslett p319, photo) (Lonn p138) (Ulvestad p253) (Ager p209, photo; p290, p308) (Gjertveit) (RWV p808)