Acanthus-carved oval box (tine) © 2010 Russ Biros Acanthus-carved oval box (tine) © 2010 Russ Biros

Gold Medal In: Woodworking, 2015

  • Life Dates Born in Chicago, Illinois, but spent most of his life in northern Wisconsin. Died 2019.
  • Occupation Professional Woodcarver
  • Residence at Time of Award Plato, Missouri


  • 2010 White ribbon for an acanthus-carved oval box (tine)
  • 2011 White ribbon for a dragon-style carved bellows
  • 2012 White ribbon for a dragon-style carved oval box (tine)
  • 2012 White ribbon for an acanthus-style carved bellows
  • 2013 Blue ribbon for a dragon-style coat rack
  • 2015 Blue ribbon for a “Viking longboat” carved figure head

Artist Statement

Growing up in northern Wisconsin in a community with a large Scandinavian population, I’ve been exposed to the beauty of Norwegian-style decoration all my life. I started carving about 25 years ago, carving mostly fish and birds. After many years of wildlife carving I needed a change. Seeing the work of Philip Odden and Else Bigton, I decided to try acanthus-style carving. I took a class from Philip and Else and they started me on my journey to a Vesterheim Gold Medal. They have been friends and mentors for many years, and I will always be grateful for their help and encouragement.