Gudbrandsdal-style ambar © 2012 Andrea Herkert Gudbrandsdal-style ambar © 2012 Andrea Herkert

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 2013

  • Life Dates Born 1957, Monroe, Wisconsin
  • Occupation Artist and rosemaling teacher
  • Residence at Time of Award Belleville, Wisconsin


  • 2011 Blue ribbon for a Gudbrandsdal-style mirror
  • 2011 White ribbon for a Telemark-style ambar
  • 2012 Red ribbon for a Gudbrandsdal-style plate
  • 2012 White ribbon for a Gudbrandsdal-style ambar
  • 2013 Red ribbon for a Gudbrandsdal-style bowl
  • 2013 White ribbon for a Gudbrandsdal-style oval box (tine)

Artist Statement

My very earliest memories are sitting with my mother as she painted rosemaling.

My mother’s family emigrated from the Tinn area of Telemark, Norway, in 1900. My Grandmother embraced her new American culture, but 60 years later my mother used her artistic gifts to connect with our Norwegian roots through rosemaling. She only painted for a few short years, but I grew up surrounded by her painted plates, furniture, and walls. It made a great impact on me.

I went on to college, graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with majors in Art and Art History. Following college and while raising our family and supporting my husband Jim’s career, I put my own creative energies into free-lance calligraphy and watercolor illustration through juried art shows and commission work and shared my passion for art history in my children’s classrooms.

Our daughter, Marita, entered Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, in 2002 and I saw rosemaling again at Vesterheim. When our youngest, Andrew, went off to college, the time was right and I started rosemaling classes in the winter of 2006.

I began my studies with Nancy Schmidt and joined Norse Rosemalers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I went on to study with many other accomplished painters from the United States and Norway and joined the Wisconsin State Rosemaling Association in Stoughton, Wisconsin. I also had the incredible experience of working with Nancy Schmidt, Vesterheim Gold Medalist, as her apprentice through a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board in 2010.

I earned my Gold Medal in 2013 after earning ribbons on 6 pieces, including one Best in Show at the Vesterheim Folk Art Exhibition.

Rosemaling has become my passion and a huge part of my life as I continue to grow in my painting and share it with others through commission work and teaching. It has brought new and dear friendships into my life, given me opportunities for travel and opened a window to my past.

I am honored and humbled to have received the Gold Medal in rosemaling, but for me that only represents the beginning of my journey!