Telemark-style wedding bowl © 2005 Christina Keune Telemark-style wedding bowl © 2005 Christina Keune

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 2006

  • Life Dates Born 1947
  • Occupation Scandinavian Heritage Artist
  • Residence at Time of Award Arlington, Virginia


  • 2002 White ribbon for a Telemark-style plate
  • 2003 Red ribbon for a Hallingdal-style oval box (tine)
  • 2005 Blue ribbon for a Telemark-style wedding bowl
  • 2006 Blue ribbon for a Hardanger-style stave container (ambar)

Artist Statement

I listened and learned. First, to the man who became my husband Russell, advising me to finish my college education in Fine Art and Art History. After graduating in 1973, I listened to my Norwegian -born mother, who urged me to “learn something decent”—specifically, Norwegian rosemaling because Sigmund Aarseth was coming to teach in the Washington, DC area. I listened to Sigmund and learned about Norwegian folk art, Vesterheim Museum, its myriad classes, and its folk-art tours to Norway. Thus, properly enlightened, I took up artistic residence in Norway’s past. Historical focus delivered a gift of appreciation for Scandinavian artisan crafts. Rosemaling is unique in my area and ethnic festivals provide sales opportunities to customers curious about Scandinavian folk art. That curiosity has financed 10 trips with Vesterheim to Norway, learning from living legends of the art. Four post-tour travels took me to Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, researching and collecting folk-art examples from those countries, which have been added to our Norwegian artifacts found over time.

Early examples of Norway’s decorative art from Hordaland, Telemark, Valdres, et al., are of great interest to me, as well as contemporary rosemaling, and traditional Swedish folk art. Those rich sources of design options continue to inspire a most fulfilling vocation for this Norwegian and Swedish heritage artist.