Gold Medal In: Woodworking, 2022

  • Life Dates Born 1958, Menomonie, Wisconsin
  • Occupation Retired
  • Residence at Time of Award Eau Claire, Wisconsin


  • 2022 Blue ribbon for “The Perspective”
  • 2022 Blue ribbon for “The Fan and Rosette”
  • 2022 Blue ribbon for “The Duchess”

Artist Statement

My woodcarving adventure began around 1985. My husband, Kim, had a wood shop, and I wanted to carve items he made. After doing research, I had found that chip carving didn’t require a large amount of tools or investment. The ornamental aspect of chip carving appealed to me. I began chip carving Christmas ornaments and advanced to larger projects.

Although I come from German heritage, I have always enjoyed creating Norwegian folk art, such as chip carving and Scandinavian knitting. When I started chip carving, I would use designs created by other carvers. Now I thoroughly enjoy creating my own carving designs for projects. My designs usually include curves, which makes the design flow. I also like to leave some uncarved space in the pattern. It gives an area for the eyes to rest and separates different components of a design. The last concept I use when designing is to make sure the project has a focal point. The right design can make a project appealing and draw a person’s attention to it. I enjoy detail and perfection, and these attributes help me with my carving.

My grandparents and parents were not carvers or wood workers. But they were creators. They made items by hand, with available materials, out of necessity. They also created items to decorate their homes or as gifts to others. I always admired that, and I feel that I inherited their talent for creating beauty out of simple things. I enjoy going to museums to see how ornate items were created with wood, such as furniture or picture frames. Never underestimate where inspiration can be found. The past can help us create future projects.