One-man sled © 2001 Joanne MacVey One-man sled © 2001 Joanne MacVey

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 2001

  • Life Dates Born 1945, Stillwater, Minnesota
  • Occupation IT Associate, Deere and Co.
  • Residence at Time of Award Blue Grass, Iowa


  • 1999 White ribbon for an ambar
  • 2000 Blue ribbon for an ambar
  • 2000 Red ribbon for a jewelry cupboard
  • 2001 Red ribbon for a one-man sled

Artist Statement

While decorative painting in 1982, I was introduced to rosemaling when Gary Albrecht came to Moline to teach a seminar. From that very first class, my love for the art blossomed. Rosemaling and Vesterheim opened up a whole new world of fascinating experiences, including a reception at the White House, and introduced me to wonderful new friends in the United States, Canada, and Norway.

Five intensive study trips to Norway provided instruction with many of Norway’s finest teachers. These study trips and visits to Vesterheim immerse one into the Norwegian culture and arts and create a yearning to learn more and more about rosemaling, as well as the Norwegian culture.

My special interest lies in the Telemark rosemaling style. I’ve also studied the works of old masters Hans Glittenberg, Nikuls Buine, Knut Mevasstaul, and Thomas Luraas, along with current teachers Gold Medalist Marlys Hammer and Norway’s Nils Ellingsgard, Ragnvald Frøysdal, and Kari Petersen, who have most influenced my painting style. My studies resulted in my writing and publishing an award-winning instructional book in 2004 on Telemark rosemaling, Rosemaling Heirlooms of Tomorrow, The Complete Guide to Shaded Telemark Style Norwegian Rosemaling.

Until 2000, I worked full-time so it was difficult to find the time to paint. But my family was very encouraging and tolerant of my need for creative fulfillment, and I found the time because it had become an inherent part of my life. Now that I am retired I have more precious time to paint, design, write, and teach this beautiful art that, after my faith, my family and friends, has come to define who I am. Rosemaling decorates my home and it decorates my life. My deepest gratitude goes to Vesterheim for planting the roots of rosemaling deep within my soul.

God has truly blessed this marvelous journey.