Round trunk © 1993 Lois Mueller Round trunk © 1993 Lois Mueller

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 1998

  • Life Dates Born 1946, Reedsburg, Wisconsin
  • Occupation Wife/Mother/Housewife
  • Residence at Time of Award Platteville, Wisconsin


  • 1993 White ribbon for a round trunk
  • 1994 White ribbon for an oval box (tine)
  • 1996 Red ribbon for a Telemark-style plate
  • 1997 Red ribbon for a corner cupboard
  • 1998 White ribbon for a plate
  • 1998 White ribbon for a basket

Artist Statement

Rosemaling has opened a new world to me and my family. It has allowed us to meet people from all over the world that have similar interests in painting. I have been invited to teach throughout the United States, Canada, and Taiwan and to share my love of this art form. In high school and college, I was interested in writing and, again, rosemaling has provided an opportunity to fulfill this dream when writing rosemaling instructional books. Rosemaling is something that I will be doing for the rest of my life.