Bowl, Vesterheim collection 1979.068.006 Bowl, Vesterheim collection 1979.068.006 Bowl, Vesterheim collection 1979.068.006 Bowl, Vesterheim collection 1979.068.006

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 1984 and Woodworking, 2018

  • Life Dates Born 1939, Rumania
  • Occupation Rosemaling teacher
  • Residence at Time of Award Sioux Falls, South Dakota


  • 1976 White ribbon for a 16″ Telemark-style red and blue plate (rosemaling)
  • 1979 White ribbon for a Telemark-style bowl (rosemaling)
  • 1980 Blue ribbon for a Telemark-style bowl (rosemaling)
  • 1982 White ribbon for a bowl (rosemaling)
  • 1983 White ribbon for a porridge container (rosemaling)
  • 1984 White ribbon for a large Telemark-style bowl (rosemaling)
  • 2010 Red ribbon for an ambar carved in acanthus style (woodworking)
  • 2012 Red ribbon for a shelf carved in acanthus style (woodworking)
  • 2013 White ribbon for a mangle board carved in acanthus style (woodworking)
  • 2015 White ribbon for a box carved in acanthus style (woodworking)
  • 2016 White ribbon for a trunk carved in acanthus style (woodworking)
  • 2018 Red ribbon for a cabinet carved in acanthus style (woodworking)

Artist Statement

I got interested in rosemaling after visiting Norway in 1968 and started to take lessons in 1971. My husband is from Valdres, Norway, and I have always been interested in art in general. I found rosemaling very pleasing and have always enjoyed painting flowers and scrolls. The teachers that have influenced me the most are Sigmund Aarseth and Nils Ellingsgard. I also have learned a lot from Bergljot Lunde and Alfhild Tangen.

I started to teach rosemaling in 1973 in an evening adult ed class in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I traveled to many small towns in South Dakota teaching rosemaling from 1976 to 1984. These classes were sponsored by the South Dakota Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts. I have since taught throughout the United States.

Rosemaling has been my profession the last 36 years. I do mostly commission work. I have also taught some rosemaling classes at Vesterheim. I am best known for my Telemark style of rosemaling, but I also teach Valdres, Hallingdal, and the Gudbrandsdal styles. I enjoy painting on larger pieces—trunks, bowls, cabinets, and furniture.



Even while I was concentrating on rosemaling, I was very interested in acanthus carving. I find that the graceful flow of the design are present in both art forms. The carving has an additional challenge, as it is three dimensional.

I had the privilege of taking my first and only acanthus carving class from Hans Sandom in 2009. Receiving a red ribbon on my first piece the following summer, started me on my goal of getting my second Gold Medal in The National Norwegian-American Folk Art Exhibition, this time in woodworking.

My husband and I have worked together on making the wooden items that I have carved and painted. I have carved only ten items so far and they will be an inheritance to my family. I still enjoy rosemaling and carving, but I taught my last rosemaling class in 2018 after teaching for 44 years.