Plate, Vesterheim Collection 1978.105.001 Plate, Vesterheim Collection 1978.105.001

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 1975

  • Life Dates Born 1929. Died 2019.
  • Occupation Retired
  • Residence at Time of Award Ironwood, Michigan


  • 1969 White ribbon for a breadboard
  • 1969 White ribbon for a breadboard
  • 1971 White ribbon
  • 1972 White ribbon for a small chest
  • 1974 White ribbon
  • 1975 Red ribbon for a corner cupboard
  • 1975 White ribbon

Artist Statement

“Rosemaling” arrived in 1967 when my husband, Theron, attended a craft show. He encouraged me to attend a class. He thought I could learn everything in a week! Being Norwegian, it took me a longer time as I am still attending classes. In 1969 I entered the rosemaling exhibition in Decorah, receiving two White Ribbons, and took part in Nils Ellingsgard’s class. How brave I was! And, how naive! This experience opened a whole new world and I was “on the road again” for every class and new teacher the museum offered. My mother lived in Westby, Wisconsin, and I would squeeze in a class every time I visited her. Rosemaling not only broadened my interest in art, it took me to 10 different states to teach, trips to judge rosemaling shows, five trips to Norway, and an invitation to teach at Vesterheim.

Sharing my experiences and knowledge with others has been my greatest satisfaction. The Hallingdal style is my favorite. The past years of experience have broadened my knowledge of different techniques and designs. In the past year I have taught classes in styles found in Osterdalen, Os-Hordaland, and Nordland, and the style of Gunnar Bø.

1984, from Vesterheim Rosemaling Letter, Vol. XIV, No. 2