Bentwood box, Vesterheim collection 1973.026.002 Bentwood box, Vesterheim collection 1973.026.002

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 1977

  • Residence at Time of Award Waukesha, Wisconsin


  • 1971 White ribbon for a plaque
  • 1973 Red ribbon for a bentwood box
  • 1974 White ribbon
  • 1975 White ribbon
  • 1977 Red ribbon for a Telemark-style scoop bowl

Artist Statement

I started rosemaling in 1970 when I took a class at the Waukesha YWCA with Norma Hugdahl. The following years I was fortunate to have lessons also from Dixie Dillow, a Waukesha teacher, Nils Ellingsgard, Sigmund Aarseth, Vi Thode, Alfhild Tangen, Karen Jenson, John Gundersen, and Oskar Kjetsaa. I have a collection of the different styles of rosemaling and work I admire and study. I love all types of art work and crafts that are done well. I myself enjoy doing the free-style painting of Telemark. There is still much I would like to learn about rosemaling. For many years I sat and painted until the early hours because that was the only time for peace and quiet. I received my Gold Medal in 1977 and what a thrill that was. I enjoy the rosemaling shows and getting together with other rosemalers.

1983, excerpt from Vesterheim Rosemaling Newsletter, Vol. XIII, no. 1