Bucket, Vesterheim collection 1969.030.001 Bucket, Vesterheim collection 1969.030.001

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 1969

  • Life Dates Born 1901. Died 1991
  • Residence at Time of Award Seattle, Washington


  • 1967 Blue ribbon for a bowl
  • 1967 Red ribbon for an oval box (tine)
  • 1968 Blue ribbon for an oval box (tine)
  • 1969 Red ribbon for a bucket
  • 1969 White ribbon for a small chest

Artist Statement

I started rosemaling in 1945. Most people, including myself, had never heard the word. When I was eight years old, my aunt brought me a small chest from Norway, which I loved and treasured. It was from that chest about 35 years later I took the design and made a plate. My husband was a doctor and had many Norwegian patients who were kind enough to bring their rosemaling treasures from Norway for me to see. Also, a Norwegian lady, Mary Horne, who had taken lessons in Norway, called one day saying she was interested in rosemaling and would like to see me. I learned a lot from her. She was especially good at designing and her lines were so perfect.

1981, excerpt from Vesterheim Rosemaling Letter, Vol. XI, no. 2