Bowl © 1983 Nancy Schneck Bowl © 1983 Nancy Schneck

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 1984

  • Life Dates Born 1948, Ortonville, Minnesota
  • Occupation Veterinary assistant/Bookkeeper
  • Residence at Time of Award Milan, Minnesota


  • 1981 White ribbon for a high chair
  • 1981 White ribbon for a child’s chair
  • 1982 White ribbon for a cradle
  • 1983 Blue ribbon for a plate
  • 1983 White ribbon for a bowl
  • 1984 White ribbon for a plate
  • 1984 White ribbon for a bowl

Artist Statement

I was working full-time in our family-owned Milan Veterinary Clinic as bookkeeper, office manager, and technical assistant to my husband, a veterinarian. Milan is a very Norwegian community and I saw the art form of rosemaling and really liked it. I had no art background, but rosemaling came quite easily for me. I painted in the office between patients and sold pieces at the veterinary clinic, which became quite a unique place! I received the Gold Medal in 1984 after having painted only five years. The Norwegian painter, Sigmund Aarseth, was always my main inspiration and I very much enjoy his pieces in my collection. I judged shows and taught classes for several years afterward, but have been away from serious painting for quite awhile. The possibility to get back to it is still out there.