Flatbread box © 1976 Trudy Wasson Flatbread box © 1976 Trudy Wasson

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 1976

  • Life Dates Born 1938, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Died 2009
  • Occupation Rosemaler
  • Residence at Time of Award Oelwein, Iowa


  • 1975 Blue ribbon for a tilt-top table
  • 1975 Red ribbon for a small trunk
  • 1976 Red ribbon for a bowl
  • 1976 White ribbon for a flatbread box

Artist Statement

How did you get involved in your field of Norwegian folk art? I got involved in rosemaling because I had seen several pieces in homes of my relatives and ancestors during my first trip to Norway in 1971. I wanted to learn to paint rosemaling so I could paint something for my children that would reflect their Norwegian heritage.

Does Norwegian folk art speak to your identity? In what way? Definitely! I am first generation American on my dad’s side and second on my mother’s side. Norwegian is my identity. I enjoy all things Norwegian and do them, too—knitting, Hardangersøm, klostersøm, rosemaling, food, etc. Now, it is quilting rosemaling that I focus on because I have enjoyed sewing and working with fabric all my life. I am working on my third rosemaling appliqué quilt and plan to do even more. My free motion machine quilting is totally based on my rosemaling background. I would like to paint a rosemaling design on fabric and then quilt it.

Who or what has influenced your art the most? My first teacher was Nils Ellingsgaard, but Bergljot Lunde has also influenced my rosemaling. Then, studying with Eli Sælid this past summer gave me a whole new perspective on the Valdres style. It was a great experience because my dad is from Valdres and I have been there several times. Now I feel very comfortable rosemaling Valdres.