Yarn carrier © 1992 Jurene While Yarn carrier © 1992 Jurene While

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 2002

  • Life Dates Born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Occupation Rosemaling teacher/Tole teacher/Faux finish teacher
  • Residence at Time of Award La Mesa, California


  • 1992 White ribbon for a yarn carrier
  • 1995 Red ribbon for a yarn carrier
  • 1997 White ribbon for a cradle
  • 1998 Blue ribbon for a Telemark-style bowl
  • 2002 White ribbon for an ambar

Artist Statement

Jurene has studied under Norwegian, American, and British masters of folk art. Among her instructors from Norway are Nils Ellingsgard, Sigmund Aarseth, Eli Saelid, Bergljot Lunde, Gunnar Bø, Ragnvald Frøysadal, Sigrid Midjas Heisholt, and Oskar Kjetsaa. Her instructors in the United States have been Jo Sonja Jansen, Florence Buck, Eldrid Arntzen, Diane Edwards, Lois Mueller, and Kari Petersen. The instructors she had in Britain were Brian Collings (narrow boat folk artist) and Peter Ingram (Gypsy folk artist).

Jurene specializes in Norwegian rosemaling and earned her Gold Medal in 2002. She has taught “folk art from around the world” in the adult ed system in La Mesa. Jurene has taught rosemaling since 1979. In 1987 she founded the California Rosemalers Association. She travels, teaches, and has written Shared Moments and Script and Stroke, plus numerous articles for magazines such as Tole World, Artist’s Journal, and Decorative Painter. She has painted pieces in the Smithsonian Institution as well as the White House.

Some of her wood pieces are made by Richard, her husband and business partner.

Jurene hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoyed painting it.

Excerpt from Heritage Painter