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  • Date 1836
  • Place of Origin Flaabygd, Telemark, Norway
  • Creator Unknown

This hand-sewn dress is made of hard finish cotton. The skirt is gathered from a high waistline on the back and sides. The form-fitting, linen-lined, bodice has a drawstring neckline. It is possible that an edging of some kind might have been worn at the neckline. The long, linen-lined, sleeves are gathered at the shoulders and narrow toward the velvet cuffs at the wrists.

The dress was worn by Aslaug Kristendater Kjeldal on her marriage to Ole Solesen Røimaal in 1836 in Flaabygd, Telemark, Norway.

  • Materials Cotton, Linen, Silk
  • Identifier / Source 1979.116.001 - Gift of Gunhild Flom