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  • Date ca. 1890
  • Place of Origin Oslo, Norway
  • Creator Jacob Ulrich Holfeldt Tostrup

This brooch has a small central dome built up of three tiers of silver wire filigree rings that are surrounded by ten small domes, each of which has dangling filigree spirals ending in small spoons. There is some gold wash present.

This brooch was made by Jacob Ulrich Holfeldt Tostrup. Tostrup was a leader in the Oslo goldsmith guild and had one of the leading firms in Christiania in the middle of the nineteenth century.  He died in 1890, but the firm continued until 1992.

  • Materials Silver
  • Dimensions length: 3 inches; diameter: 2 inches
  • Identifier / Source 1980.047.002 - Gift of Olga Moe Swanson