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Captain Roald Amundsen, John R. Larsen - Fine Arts
  • Date 1926
  • Place of Origin Chicago, Illinois, U.S
  • Creator John R. Larsen

Captain Roald Amundsen sat personally for this portrait that hung in the Sons of Norway, Amundsen Lodge No. 98 until it was given to Vesterheim.

An inscription on a brass plate that is fastened to the frame reads, “Capt. Roald Amundsen Discover (sic) of the South Pole, Magnetic Pole and Northwest Passage.”

John R. Larsen was born in Hadseløen, Norway in 1848. He was trained as a house painter in Bergen. After emigrating to Chicago in 1918, he made a living painting houses and decorating public buildings and homes. He became treasurer of the Normennenes Singing Society in 1908, and was president from 1921 to about 1928.

  • Materials Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions height: 23.5 inches; width: 20.5 inches
  • Identifier / Source 1971.029.001 - Gift of Sons of Norway Amundsen Lodge, No. 98