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This beautiful kubbestol is made from a single piece of wood left side - Decorative Woodcarving
  • Date ca. 1900
  • Place of Origin Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, Norway
  • Creator Halvor Lie

This beautiful kubbestol is made from a single piece of wood. The entire back and sides are covered with bold and beautifully executed acanthus carving. The base and rim around the seat are bordered with carved geometric designs. The seat itself is detachable.

The chair was made by Halvor Lie, the father of donor. Lie was a teacher in Kristiansand, Norway for 57 years. He often won prizes for his work. The tree trunk used to make this chair grew in a forest on the coast west of Kristiansand. The piece of wood was so heavy that the horse wagon used to transport it broke.

  • Materials Wood
  • Dimensions height, 41.75 inches; width, 25 inches; depth, 19 inches
  • Identifier / Source 1968.044.001 - Gift of Olaf Lie