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Rya coverlet woven using a diamond twill variant - Textiles
  • Date 1830-1870
  • Place of Origin Norway
  • Creator Unknown

Rya coverlets were made by adding rows of knotted pile to a woven fabric.

This rya coverlet consists of a two-ply wool warp and weft (ca. size 7/2) woven using a diamond twill variant. There are ca. 20 ends per inch and there are double warps at the points of the diamonds. There are two woven pieces that are sewn together.

The rya knots consist of six ends of 7/2 white wool, with three or four knots per inch horizontally. The knwots are st about one inch apart vertically. The edge rows of rya knots are done in the background colors of the woven pieces providing a border for the four sides border.The rya knots do not show on the reverse side.

  • Materials Wool
  • Dimensions length: 63.0 inches; width: 53.5 inches
  • Identifier / Source 1979.083.001 - Gift of Marion J. and Lila Nelson