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Dress with long black wool skirt and rigid-heddle woven belt - Textiles
  • Date 1870-1875
  • Place of Origin Bø, East Telemark, Norway
  • Creator Unknown

The long black wool skirt with this bunad measures 210″ around the hem. It is gathered under the bust and attaches to a linen bodice. The apron is made of black sateen and is edged with ribbon and brown velvet.

The rigid-heddle woven belt is made of red and pink wool on a linen ground. Each end splits into three sections with gold wool tassels on the ends of each section. There is also a 102″ pickup weave band.

The gloves have gauntlets of natural black-sheep wool. The backs are heavily embroidered with wool yarn in purple, pink, red, yellow, white, and green. The initials AJD are on the inside of the gauntlets.

The dress was worn in 1875 by Anne Jonsdatter Gutukjær for her second marriage to Halvar Hansen Torstveit in Bø, Telemark, Norway.

An in-depth description of the shirt (LC0722) shown with this bunad can be seen in this gallery.

  • Materials Wool, cotton, silk
  • Identifier / Source 1971.013.001 - Gift of Ann H. Gunderson