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  • Date 1747
  • Place of Origin Bergen, Norway
  • Creator Jørgen Temper

Vinaigrettes, or perfume bottles, were popular from the late eighteenth century through the mid-nineteenth century. They were used to hold fragrances, which were sometimes dissolved in vinegar. The semiprecious red stones found in this one come from the Norwegian mountains.

Marks: Bergen city gate over 7 balls (indicating that it was made in Bergen); JK over a w (assayer’s mark of Jens Kahrs); JT (maker’s mark of Jørgen Tempter); 9 over an M (indicating it was made in September)

This vinaigrette was made by Jørgen Temper who was an active goldsmith in Bergen from 1744 to 1749.

  • Materials Silver
  • Dimensions height: 3.5 inches; width: 2 inches; depth: 0.62 inches
  • Identifier / Source LC0383 - Luther College Collection