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  • Date ca. 1910
  • Place of Origin Brandt, SD
  • Creator Women of Highland Norwegian Lutheran Church in Brandt, SD

This friendship, or album, quilt is made of solid red and white square blocks that were assembled in a checkerboard fashion. The blocks were pieced by machine, and the quilt was bound by folding the backing over to the front and sewing it down by machine. The top is hand-quilted. Multiple signatures are embroidered on the white blocks with red embroidery floss. A variety of animal, plant, and human figures are worked in white on the red blocks. These appear to be purchased patterns, perhaps iron-ons. All of the fabrics and the batting are cotton.

This quilt was probably a gift for Pastor R. O. Brandt from his congregation at the Highland Norwegian Lutheran Church in Brandt, South Dakota when he was leaving for a new assignment.

  • Materials Cotton
  • Dimensions length: 84.5 inches; width: 69 inches
  • Identifier / Source 1971.053.016 - Gift of Rev. and Mrs. J. C. K. Preus