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Pieced quilt top is done in the blazing star - Textiles
  • Date 1870-1900
  • Place of Origin Decorah, IA
  • Creator Anna Egge

This pieced quilt top is done in the blazing star, or lone star, pattern. The large central eight-pointed star, made from concentric diamonds, radiates to all four edges. The central diamonds are hand-pieced, while the rest of the top is machine-sewn. Smaller eight-pointed stars fill up the spaces between the arms of the central star. A sashing of faded green fabric outlines all of the stars, stetting them apart from one another.

The quilt was made by Anna Egge, who was born in the Egge/Koren house that is part of Vesterheim’s Open Air Division.

  • Materials Cotton
  • Dimensions length: 85.5 inches, width: 74 inches
  • Identifier / Source 1974.048.006 - Museum Purchase