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Strainer used for straining milk - Textiles
  • Date 1830-1870
  • Place of Origin Fåvang, Ringebu, Gubrandsdal, Oppland, Norway
  • Creator Unknown

Nålbinding is a fiber arts technique that has been used for hundreds of years to create strainers, stockings, and other items. Using a single-eyed needle and short pieces of yarn, a loose textured fabric is created by passing the full length of a working thread through a previously made loop in spiral fashion. The fabric is then washed and shrunk using what is called a fulling treatment.

This strainer, which was used for straining milk, was sent in 1927 by De Sandvigske Samlinger (now called Maihaugen) Museum in Lillehammer as part of a larger group of gifts from Norwegian museums.  The gifts were sent in honor of 100 years of immigration and were organized by Anders Sandvig.

  • Materials Cow Hair
  • Dimensions width: 14.25 inches
  • Identifier / Source LC1558 - Gift of Norwegian Museums