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  • Date Unknown
  • Place of Origin Unknown
  • Creator Herbjørn Gausta

Herbjørn Gausta was born on Gausta Farm, Vestfjorddalen, Telemark, Norway on June 16, 1854. He and his family emigrated to the Harmony, Minnesota area in 1867. He began his education at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa with the intention of becoming a teacher. However, his increasing interest in art led him to Oslo and Munich to train as a painter. In 1888, he returned to Minnesota. Although known today for his Norwegian and Midwestern landscapes and genre paintings, Gausta made his living by producing altar paintings. He died in 1924.

Vesterheim has 52 artworks by Gausta.

  • Materials Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions height: 18 inches; width: 24 inches
  • Identifier / Source LC0079 - Luther College Collection