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  • Date 1889
  • Place of Origin Oslo, Norway
  • Creator David Andersen

This wine decanter made by the David Andersen firm in Oslo in 1889, has a cast head of a woman at the base of the handle. This style of decanter is known as a Rebecca decanter in reference to the Bible story of Rebecca pouring water from a jar for thirsty travelers, thus being chosen as the wife for Isaac. Vesterheim Registrar Carol Hasvold has identified this piece as an interesting example of a culture transfer from the American frontier to Norway. She feels the figure depicts a Native-American woman.

Inscription: E. Johnson & W. Johnson

Marks: 830; David Andersen; Kristiana; 1889; 1423 

David Andersen established his company in Oslo in 1876 and had 170 craftsmen working for him at the time of his death in 1901. He was an earlier mass producer of silver and gold objects.

  • Materials Silver
  • Dimensions height: 11.5 inches; width: 4.5 inches
  • Identifier / Source 1986.138.229 - Gift of Leslie M. Millholin, Jr.