WI 15th Inf Co A. Residence: Chicago, Illinois. Born “Arnoldus von Westen Sylow Koren Schlanbusch” on 11 Mar 1836 at Vossevangen, Norway. He was a descendant of a German who had come to Kongsberg, Norway, in 1685 to administer silver mines. Civil War: Unmarried. Enlisted for three years on 26 Oct 1861 at Chicago. Mustered 15 Nov 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin. Sergeant. In July 1862 he was one of three sergeants from the 15th recommended to Wisconsin Governor Edward Salomon as worthy of promotion to become an officer in a new regiment. He was taken prisoner at Stone’s River, 31 Dec 1862. Returned to St. Louis on parole. Detached from Company for recruiting duty 21 Nov 1863. Promoted to First Sergeant. Transferred to the Navy on 6 May 1864 near Ringgold, Georgia. He survived the war. He is on the Roll of Honor for the 2nd Brigade, Twentieth Army Corps. Post war: Six children. He was a merchant in Norway, Illinois, until 1881 when he moved to Sheridan, La Salle County, Illinois. He died there in 1906. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-3; red book vol 20 p20) (Buslett p366) (Ulvestad p261) (Ager p293) (Meeker) (Hedberg) Viggo M. Fosse) Al Askevold “Schlambush, Arnoldus” “Schlanbusch, Arnoldus”