MN 7th Inf Co G. Residence: Preble, Fillmore County, Minnesota. Born at Hoyland, Finøy, Norway in 1828, a son of Jon Rasmusson and Signe Jakobsdatter, both of Rossoy under Hovda. Lived in Clayton County, Iowa, in the late 1850s. Married Malene Rasmusdatter Opsal (1838-1874) on 5 Apr 1857 at Fogn, Finnoy, Norway. They left for America on 10 May 1857. Civil War: Age 37. Enrolled 3 Sep 1864. Mustered the same day. Private. Discharged from the service with his regiment, 16 Aug 1865. Post war: He lived at Flandreau, South Dakota, and he was collecting a pension. Died 18 Aug 1897 at Flandreau, South Dakota. Buried at Messiah Cemetery, Trent, South Dakota. Sources: (MINN p350) (MCIW p381) (Ulvestad p328) (Descendant John Erickson, La Crescent, Minnesota) “Skadsem, Ole Johnson.”