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  • Date ca. 1900
  • Place of Origin Oslo, Norway
  • Creator Gerhard Munthe, designer. Woven by a Husfliden weaver

This tapestry, which is based on a design by Gerhard Munthe, was woven by a weaver working for Den Norske Husflidsforening in Oslo, Norway. It is woven in a large and simple flat design, using a combination of tapestry joining techniques. The tapestry depicts a scene from a Norwegian folk song which is variously called Villarkonn, Trylledrikken, Den Bergtatte, and Liten Kirsten. At this point in the song. Kjersti is being offered a drink in the land of trolls so that she will forget her former life.

  • Materials Wool, linen
  • Dimensions height: 88 inches, width: 63 inches
  • Identifier / Source LC0746 - Gift of Norwegian Museums